Distracted by Shadows

"LJ, because I'm too lazy to do e-mail"

Thomas Yan
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(Updated 2005/10/18.) I originally got this account in part so that I could post non-anonymous comments in other people's LJs.

I got sucked into updating. Initially, I thought many of my entries would simply be pointers to posts on RASFF and RASFW, but that was never the case, and I am currently on an extended vacation from Usenet, but interested in going back.

Please feel free to add me to your reading/friendslist, but please post a comment introducing yourself and explaining how you found my journal and why you're interested in it. Note that I will not necessarily automatically add you back because I'm trying to control my reading list, and that I can be very slow to respond to comments.

For the most part, digressions are welcome. This is because discussions are good, and discussions tend to wander. On a mailing list, I coined the catchphrase, "Lurkers good, posters better!".

Note to self: LJ tools ; Lending library